※ Bus time will change according to the season, so please check it before departure.

Shiratani Unsuikyo

It is famous place as Princess Mononoke's forest.

30 min by bus from the hostel.

<Bus schedule>

Miyanourakou-iriguchi: 8:11, 10:16, 13:06

Shiratanii-Unsuikyo: 10:50, 13:45, 16:10



Four hours round trip to Taikoiwa Rock.
The Bugyou-sugi Cedar course is recommended for those who have time and energy (in that case, one hour more).
Rain gear and trekking shoes are required. Please be careful of river floods on the occasion of heavy rains.

Yakusugi Land

<Bus schedule>

Miyanourakou-Iriguchi: 8:41 (change at Gouchoumae) 9:20→Yakusugi Land 10:07

Yakusugi Land: 15:15 (change at Gouchoumae) 16:32→Miyanourakou-Iriguchi 17:06



From the 30 min course to the 150 min course, you can choose from 4 courses to adjust your energy and time.

Altitude is 1000 m. You need to prepare rain gear and trekking shoes.
(※ Photos below were taken in January. There was snow.)

Yakusugi Land is also the starting point of the Mountain trails to Mt. Tachu. A round trip is 7 hours.

Joumon Sugi

<Bus schedule>

Miyanourakou-Iriguchi 4:46→Yakusugi-Shizenkan (change) 5:40→Arakawa-tozanguchi 6:15

Arakawa-tozanguchi 16:30→Yakusugi-Shizenkan (change)17:10→Miyanourakou-Iriguchi 17:54

※If you miss the Arakawa bus at 17:30, there is no connection to Miyanoura.



10 hours, 22km on round trip.

Rain gear and climbing shoes are essential.

We only recommend those who has confidence in physical strength.

Yakushima is a quite big

The circumference of the island is about 130 km.

There are villages in the coastal area and the population is about 12,000 in total.

There is a roadway that can go around the coast.
Buses run except the west side of the island. Also, cars are not allowed to entry after 17:00 due to protect animals such as Yakusugi monkeys and Yakusugi deer.

There are no roadways that can longitudinally traverse Yakushima. It is because Yakushima is formed by steep mountains around Mt. Miyanoura, highest mountain in Kyushu (1963 m).

From village side, we can't see high mountains located in the center of Yakushima except for Mt. Nagata. Yakushima's forest is deep.


The altitude rises rapidly from the sea on the topography of Yakushima.

So, water vapor from the sea makes clouds.

For that reason, there is a lot of rain throughout the year, the forest grows green, huge cedar grows and the beautiful moss forest spreads. And mountain water can be drunk anytime.


Life in Yakushima is always with nature.
People on the island have lived with the blessings of nature and feeling the rage of nature.

There is a shrine in the mountain and people keep visiting.

Yakushima sightseeing Map

Hot spring and Waterfall

There are wonderful hot springs and great waterfalls in the south of the island.

You can go there by bus.

International license (translated by country) is required for rental car. Please check the requirement in advance.

Onoaida Hot Spring

The temperature of hot water is high but you may feel it comfortable gradually. It will heal your tiredness.

200 yen/person

※No towels, no soap

Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen Hot spring

Hot spring appears only at low tide. It normally sinks in the sea and cannot be seen.

200 yen/person

※Mixed bathing

※No dressing room

※Swimwear is not allowed but you can use a towel to cover your body.

※The two photos below were taken on a rainy day.

Oko-no-taki Waterfall

This is the largest waterfall in Kyushu, 88 meters high, dynamic and overwhelming.


This waterfall is about 5 minutes walk from the bus stop (terminal bus stop "Oko-no-taki Waterfall").

Senpiro-no-taki Waterfall

This is the largest waterfall in Yakushima, 66 meters high. The origin of the name came from the image of the huge rock on the left, as if 1000 people holding their hands.


It is 45 minutes walk from the bus stop ("Botanical Research Park").

Car/rental car is recommended.

The topography around the waterfall is wonderful.

It is also the entrance to Mt. Mocchomu mountain climbing road.

The rich nature of Yakushima is leading to the river, and to the sea.

For sightseeing and trekking consultation, please feel free to ask by e-mail.